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Instructing a Solicitor

Completing the various forms required in the application for probate can be daunting, and you may want professional assistance.  If you do wish to use a professional service we recommend that you use a SRA solicitor to undertake this work.


Whether you choose to instruct your own or ask NBS to recommend one, it is important to ensure that you are charged fairly for the service.

Sometimes it can be hard to find a price online (though changes have been made in regulation to make this easier), but there is a requirement for the Solicitor to provide a formal quotation for the work they will undertake.


Some solicitors will charge an hourly fee and a small percentage (1-2%) of the assets they are dealing with, and they will estimate how many hours they believe it will take in the quote you are provided.

Some firms will charge a fixed rate fee which should not be greater than the costs below

VAT and Disbursements

It is important that you understand the solicitors bills so you do not get an unwanted surprise.


In general solicitors present their fees exclusive of VAT. This means you will need to pay the VAT at current rate (20%) on top of the fee listed.


Solicitors talk about disbursements, and these are fees the solicitors must make to third parties to complete the work on your behalf.  They will always tell you what the disbursements are for and they can only charge you the exact figure they have paid to the third party.


In the case of probate there will be a charge of £150 to submit the application for probate on your behalf plus £0.50 per copy of the grant of representation/letter of administration.


There may be additional disbursements such as fees for transferring/selling shares, conveyancing fees and other costs. These will always be detailed in the quotation given to you when you instruct the solicitor.

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