Bereavement Training

Grief & Bereavement Training

Bereavement will affect most people during their lifetime, but many people don’t know what to do when someone dies.

Whether you are an organisation that works with bereaved people, a bereavement counselling service or a company that wants to support bereaved employees or customers effectively, speak to our team to find out how our bereavement training can help employees learn about the practical steps to take after a bereavement and for managing grief.

Help employees when someone dies

Many employees, service providers and volunteers don’t know how to answer questions like ‘what do you need to do when someone dies?’ Our bereavement training courses are designed to help you anticipate and answer questions like this. They can also equip your team to respond sensitively to someone who is coping with grief and bereavement.

The information our experts will walk you through during each tailored bereavement training session will help delegates to build a what to do when someone dies checklist, and give them important insights on topics as diverse as what to do when someone dies without a will and where to look for bereavement counselling with the support of an accredited counsellor.

All our death, dying and bereavement training courses are tailored to your unique requirements and delivered by our trained grief and bereavement advisors. Depending on the bereavement training focus you require, we may also include content about what to do when someone dies from Adroit Legal Services or other third parties with specialist expertise.

Bereavement Training Designed Around You

All our bereavement training courses can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation and the delegates who will attend. They can be co-branded for your organisation and will include a Q&A session.

Our death, dying and bereavement training is suitable for anyone, so delegates may include your leadership team and HR professionals, your staff, volunteers, or members of the public to whom you provide a service. Anyone who would like to know what to do when someone dies or how to talk to bereaved people will find our grief and bereavement training content useful.

We offer bereavement training online, using whichever platform you prefer. Face-to-face sessions can also be arranged, where appropriate.

The length of each grief and bereavement training session will be determined by the content required. Our trainers can deliver a lot of information about what to do when someone dies within a short time but sufficient time for questions should be based on the number of delegates attending.

Some of our core death, dying and bereavement training courses are outlined below, but we are constantly adding to this list with new presentations and bespoke what to do when someone dies content:

One-Day Training Overview

Bereavement & Grief

Introduction to the work of the National Bereavement Service

20-60 mins

Overview of what to do when someone dies

Includes both coping with grief and the emotional aspects of bereavement and what you have to do when someone dies.

90-120 minutes with a short break

Step by Step – what to do when someone dies checklist

Understanding the detail of what to do when someone dies from a practical perspective.

60-90 minutes

The Experience of Grief

Grief and bereavement training that focuses on feelings and how people respond to the emotional side of grief.

60-90 minutes

Communicating with Bereaved People as Part of Your Job

An interactive bereavement training session to help your team deliver helpful information clearly and with empathy.

60-120 minutes with a short break

Understanding Probate

A session that outlines what probate is and what it involves, including what happens when someone dies without a will.

40-90 minutes

Planning Ahead

Death, dying and bereavement training that helps people understand what they need to do to protect their family.

40-90 minutes


We also offer a range of short bereavement training sessions on legal & financial topics in partnership with Adroit Legal Services:

Why You Should make a Will

It is easy to put off making a Will – this session explains why it is important and how it can protect your family if you are no longer here to care for them.


The Importance of Lasting Powers of Attorney

This session covers why you need a Power of Attorney, common misconceptions and what happens if you don’t have them.


Residential Conveyancing

This session explains the many types of matters a conveyancer can deal with and the importance of engaging with a reputable, trustworthy, and proactive firm.  We also cover FAQs, such as how long does a property transaction take, and why, as well as taking you through the conveyancing process.


Family Law

This session discusses everything ‘family’, including divorce and finances, children (including types of court orders, no order principle, the role of CAFCASS, and parental responsibility), family agreements (pre and post nuptial and cohabitation agreements), and domestic abuse (harassment and the police, non-molestation order, occupation order).


Funeral Plans Explained

This session explains what a funeral plan is and the different options, the key benefits of taking out a plan, and the important points to consider before purchasing.


Protecting your Property and Money

This is a longer more in-depth session explaining ways to protect your property and money including the benefit of lifetime trusts to protect your wealth, avoid probate, and help reduce inheritance tax.