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Registration of Death

You should register the death of your loved one within 5 days in the person died in England, Wales or Northern Ireland (8 days in Scotland) at your local Registrar of Births Marriages and Deaths.


You can find your local register office by clicking the link:


England & Wales



further information is available by clicking here


Northern Ireland


If your loved one died abroad you will find this website useful on what you need to do.


Click start and follow the instructions.


You can also call of bereavement specialist on 0800 0246 121 for help.

Registration takes about 30 minutes and it is recommended that you book an appointment.


In most cases it should be a relative that registers the death, however there are circumstances others can do this, please consult with the registrar when you make your appointment.


You will need to take the medical certificate that shows the cause of death, it is also useful to have the birth certificate, NHS medical card, passport, marriage or civil partnership certificate, driving license and a proof of address (utility bill) if you have these to hand.

Certificate for Burial or Cremation

You will receive a certificate for Burial or Cremation, commonly referred to as "the green form".


This gives you permission for a burial or an application for cremation. It is required by the funeral director and the cemetery or crematorium authorities that a funeral may take place.


The green form is replaced by a document from the coroner if there will be an inquest or if the funeral will be a cremation following a coroner’s post-mortem examination.

Certified Copies of the Death Certificate

More commonly referred to as “Death Certificates” the Certified Copy of Death Entry documents are required by banks and other organisations when they ask to see an original death certificate.


These organisations will only except originals, so it is recommended you by additional copies at the time you register the death. The price per copy is £4.00 in England and Wales, £8.00 in Northern Ireland and £10 in Scotland if purchased at the time of registration.


Costs per copy increase after the Register has been completed.


 If there is an inquest, the death is not registered until after the inquest, therefore the coroner will issue you with an Interim Certificate which you can use instead of certified copies.

Certificate of Registration/Notification of Death (Form 36/BD8)

You will be provided with this form which should be completed so that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) can be notified if the deceased was in receipt of a state pension or any other benefits.


You will then need to send in your completed form to the DWP.


If the coroner is involved, you can still obtain this form from the registrar, even if the death cannot be registered yet.

What if the Death Occurs Abroad?

You must register the death according to the regulations in the country where the person died.


You will be given a local death certificate.


This local death certificate will be accepted in the UK. It may need to be a certified translation of the document if it is not in English.


You can also apply to register the death with the UK authorities.


Call us on 0800 0246 121 and we can guide you through the process.


Alternatively government guidance is offered here.

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