We’ve established an extensive network of charity partners, affiliates and partners who are an extension of our support system.

We have hand-selected third party organisations who we can rely on to help bereaved individuals if they require information and guidance which falls outside of the National Bereavement Service’s typical scope.

If you come to us looking for advice, and one of our charities, affiliates or partners is better placed to provide that assistance, we’ll put you in direct contact with them. After this, we’ll continue to liaise with you and the experts within our network to ensure you receive all the things you need to cope with your bereavement. Consider it a family of support services – there for all the things you might require, at any time.

Below is our list of associated charities, affiliates and partners, which you can utilise to can find additional advice on your bereavement.

Additionally, you can work together with our chosen charities to set up commemorative funds in the name of a loved one or begin fundraising to ensure other people are able to receive the same support as you have, in the future.