What is the National Bereavement Service?

Experiencing the death of someone close can be extremely difficult. It’s made even harder when you must take responsibility for all the many practical tasks required with loss, such as registering a death, arranging a funeral and dealing with the passed person’s property.

The National Bereavement Service (NBS) will source the help you need to deal with the practical elements of grief – whether that’s finding a reliable funeral director or understanding more about the legal side of bereavement – and will provide emotional support to those who need extra comfort during this challenging time. We’re here to help – whatever that may be.

Where to start

The immediate steps to take following a bereavement

Arranging a funeral

How to find the most suitable funeral director for your loved one

Long-term planning

Everything you need to know about the probate process

Every bereavement is different

There are different steps to take, dependent on the circumstances of your bereavement. We’re here to help with the practical side of loss, as well as provide the emotional support you need. We’ll guide you and keep you on the right track, no matter the situation. 

We are NBS

The National Bereavement Service offers support, signposting and legal guidance following the loss of a loved one, as well as providing advice to anyone planning ahead in anticipation of their own death.

“Losing someone we love is upsetting and often traumatic, but few of us realise how much practical work goes along with it.

“We welcome any initiative to help people through the practical aspects of bereavement while they are still coping with the emotional impact.

“The National Bereavement Service helps people through the actions they need to take at a time when it’s hard to think of anything other than the person they’ve lost.”
Nikki Archer, St Giles Hospice