The National Bereavement Service

What is the National Bereavement Service?

The National Bereavement Service team comes from a variety of professional backgrounds, such as the NHS, legal, estate agency, business and funeral services and is committed to providing experienced information and advice to bereaved people.

We aim to empower people who have experienced the death of someone close, whatever the relationship between them, to handle all the practical and legal administration needed after someone has died while also supporting them through the emotional turmoil of grief.

We are a not-for-profit organisation, and our services are completely free of charge, whether you contact us by phone, email or webchat.

How we help

The National Bereavement Service is the only organisation providing such comprehensive information and advice without having any commercial motive.

Our focus is on the practical issues you may have to deal with, backed by our team’s unique depth of knowledge and experience. We’ll advise you on planning ahead for your own death or that of someone else, how you register a death, whether the coroner is involved, suggest who needs to know about what has happened and the legal procedures that may be necessary.

We’ll listen, give you information, perhaps make some suggestions, and if necessary, do some research for you and call you back. Unless we do need to contact you again, we will never record your name or contact details so you may remain anonymous if you prefer.

Finding other support for you

It can be hard to know or find exactly what support you need when you are going through a new and extremely difficult experience.

If we’re not exactly the right people to help you, we usually know who you should be in touch with. We’ll find you the contact details and where possible, give you a choice of which organisation to approach, especially for emotional support. We are all different and different types of support suit some people better than others – we’ll guide you as to what is available.

You make the decision when to contact anyone else so that you can do it when the time and circumstances are right for you. Our team works closely with other bereavement support organisations in the charitable, statutory, and business sectors. We’ll always tell you if we know the organisation personally and we’ll always be confident that you’ll get the very best support possible.

Legal Support

Dealing with someone’s estate can be daunting, and you may be unsure whether you need the help of legal professionals.

We’ll explain all your options and, if you’d like us to do so, introduce you to the legal professionals associated with our sister company Adroit Legal Services.