The importance of a Will

There are many reasons to make a will, including:

  • To make probate easier
  • To avoid your assets being distributed in accordance with the Intestacy rules which means that a husband, wife or civil partner, or children will inherit
  • To nominate your preferred guardians of your children to avoid disagreements or family upsets
  • To take advantage of tax saving strategies

Things to consider including in your will:

  • Who you want as your Executors
  • Who you wish to benefit or exclude
  • Specific funeral arrangements
  • A list of gifts and beneficiaries

You may find it useful to download the funeral wishes document that Dying Matters have prepared which you can complete and have made available for your loved ones. 

If you would like to make a record of your final wishes, you can do so by visiting Keylu. The information you provide will be shared with your loved ones once you’ve gone.

If you need to make a will or require a will review, please call us for free* on 0800 0246 121, for further guidance.