Finding unclaimed assets

It’s possible to find out whether a deceased person had any dormant bank accounts, insurance policies, pensions or store accounts without incurring a fee.

Unclaimed assets

Searches for unclaimed assets can only be done by a legally entitled person, such as someone who holds the appropriate Power of Attorney or the Executor or Administrator of an estate. Separate applications must be made for every individual whose assets may be missing.

Here are some free online tools for helping you track down lost or dormant assets:

For lost pensions held in the UK, you can call the Pension Tracing Service on 0800 731 0193, or via the website here: Pension Tracing Service online tool

Bank accounts and savings
For any bank, building society or National Savings & Investments accounts, this website will guide you through some simple steps to help find out if you have any unclaimed assets:

There are also commercial services which can be used, although there will normally be a charge.

Experian’s Unclaimed Assets Register (UAR) for Consumers: Estates list
If you think you may be a relative of someone who has died intestate and may therefore be entitled to make a claim on the estate, you need to search the Government’s list of unclaimed estates and the procedure to follow: