Stopping Junk Mail After Someone Dies by Notifying Royal Mail

‘Junk mail’ is post addressed to the person who has died from a company or charity they have never had any contact with. The formal term is direct marketing mail.

Reputable companies screen their mailing lists on a regular basis using the Mail Preference Service, as they know how distressing it can be to go on receiving post addressed to someone who has died. You can significantly reduce direct mail by using the link provided here or by calling us for free* on 0800 024 6121.

Please be aware that it may be a few weeks before you notice a reduction in the amount of unwanted post as mailings are often prepared some time in advance of being placed in the post.

You can also apply to Royal Mail to have post to the person who died redirected to you or the person who is dealing with their estate. You can download the form here, but you must complete the form by hand and take it to a Post Office in person.